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All Sets

Get all sets - $94 Total combined value of all sets - $459.

Growwwkit is a library of unique, high-quality editable illustrations that will help give context to your content.

  • Phonies 2


    An extended version of our most popular set with 35 scenes of people interacting with their phones.

  • Tech Peeps


    115 vector assets of people interacting with technology.

  • Handsome Hands


    50 vector illustrations of hands that can come in handy any time.

  • Circuit


    96 vector illustrations of your applicable electronic friend

  • Chubbs


    12 vector illustrations of a clumsy and lovable character

  • Metrorama


    20 vector illustrations of your everyday peeps.

  • Familiar Bunch


    24 vector illustrations of some pretty familiar characters

  • Desk Dudes


    50 vector illustrations of your well known desk companions

  • The Townies


    30 vector illustrations of buddies that are always out & about.

  • Lil Helpers


    22 vector illustrations of two diligent, energetic workmates.

  • The Carltons


    20 vector illustrations of a cool and pretty adaptable couple.

  • Neighbour Larry


    14 vector illustrations of your friendly neighbour Larry.

  • Jane


    18 fun vector illustrations proving Jane can do anything she wants.

  • Springtale


    Light and bright illustration kit with over 100 assets for your project

  • Office Dave


    108 playful assets that channel corporate values and humanize the work environment

  • Workaholics


    20 hard-working vector illustrations that give meaning and fill the void.

  • Isotopia


    An epic collection of over 200 simple but crazy good isometric assets.

  • Polydrome


    A set of 20 editable illustrations that feature clean, geometric shapes.

  • Aventine


    A set of 24 illustrations, suitable for portraying various daily situations.

  • Phonies


    A set of 8 clean illustrations suitable for any commercial advertising purposes.

  • Fundango


    A set of 18 vibrantly colored illustrations that will make any content pop.

  • Laboratorium


    A set of 27 black and white illustrations suitable for any editorial purposes.

  • Dreamwork


    A set of 17 stylish illustrations suitable for kick-starting a business.

  • Lubo


    A set of 25 vector illustrations suitable for brands that value minimalism.

custom work?

If, for any given reason, you haven't found illustrations that suit your needs the best, feel free to reach out. We'll gladly make a custom set of illustrations just for you!

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Illustrations created for Notecandy.com, a library of images created specifically for Notion.so. Notecandy provides Notion users with beautiful and uniformed illustrations based on relevant and universal thematics and categories.

Pieter Pot

Illustrations created for Pieter Pot a Rotterdam packaging-free delivery service. The illustrations are used across the company's marketing website and social media platforms. Creative direction by o-ko.studio




Illustrations created for BlogIn, an internal blogging platform. The Illustrations are used on the BlogIn website and in social media ads.


Illustrations created for Google. The illustrations were used to promote Les Ateliers Numériques Google workshops held in four different cities in France. Creative direction by UZIK.


Illustrations created for Tickera, online event ticketing system for WordPress. The illustrations are used on the Tickera website, in the product features section.


A set of illustrations based on our Dreamwork set created for the email marketing tool inboxroad.com

Harp's A Breeze

A set of black and white illustrations created for Harp's a Breeze, an online harmonica course for children.


Simple character illustrations adoring the new marketing website of Paycaptain - an automated cloud payroll software.

Deadline Funnel

Hero and spot illustrations and icons for the new redesign of the Deadline Funnel brand and their new marketing website.


We created a range of super fun and colorful illustrations for the HighNow brand and website.

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