What Is Growww?

Growww is a designstripe service. It’s a place where you can find digital assets (illustrations, photographs, fonts, etc.) for both personal or commercial use, that is, for your own site, or your clients’ websites. The designstripe designer created all assets featured on the Growwwkit.com.

How Can I Find the Right Assets for the Site I’m Designing?

All digital assets on Growww are separated into different categories. Once you click on each asset, you’ll be able to see the tags that will help you determine whether that asset is the right product for your website, and on which page it should be placed.

What Do I Get When I Buy an Asset?

Once you buy an asset, you’ll be able to download the files related to the asset. Those files are License Agreement and a document that covers technical information about the formats of the product(s) you bought. So, for example, if you purchased a pack of illustration, and illustrations come as PSD files, you’ll be able to find some basic information about this format, like the fact that you need to use Adobe Photoshop to open the file.

Do I Need To Use a Special Software to Open and Use the Product?

Yes. If you want to use and/or modify a digital asset, you’ll have to use software designed to open the files in specific formats.

What Kind of License Will I Get Once I Buy the Products?

To find more information about the license, be sure to check the Licensing Agreement page. This document is also included in the files you download after buying the product.

Will I Get Free Updates for Purchased Assets?

Yes, updates are free. You can download updated products using your account on Growww.

What If I Have Trouble Using the Product?

If you have trouble using the assets, feel free to send us an email to hello@growwwkit.com, explaining what the issue is, and we’ll do our best to solve the problem.

How Do I Buy an Asset?

To buy products on Growwwkit.com, all you need to do is choose the asset you want to purchase and click the PLACE ORDER button. From that point on, you’ll need to create an account, by providing your full name and email address, and then choose a payment option. Once your order is received and the payment made, you’ll be able to download the asset and all the files related to it.

I Purchased an Asset, But I Can’t Download the Files. What Do I Do?

We’ll help you out 一 send us an email to hello@growwwkit.com, explaining the issue. Don’t forget to mention your order number in the email.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

We issue a refund in particular cases, for example, when there was a misrepresentation in an asset description or if you are not satisfied with the asset quality.

Here are the situations in which we DO NOT provide a refund:
- If you suddenly change your mind about buying an asset.
- If you ordered an asset or assets by mistake.
- If you don’t have enough expertise to use the products.
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