Themes Kingdom (hereinafter “the Company”) uses Growwwkit.com (hereinafter “the Website”) to sell digital assets (hereinafter “Product”, “Products”) and, thus, is responsible for all the actions users (hereinafter “User”, “Users”) take on the Website subdomains, or sections.

The following document, Cookies Policy, explains what cookies are, types of cookies there are, which cookies the Website uses, how users can change cookies preferences and some additional information about the cookies.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small files placed on Users’ personal computers (or in other devices Users utilize to browse the Internet, such as tablets or smartphones) when they visit a particular website. These files are used to store and recover users’ data. The data is activated the next time users visit that particular website.

Cookies are used to improve user experience, giving the users a possibility to navigate comfortably on a website, and to see enjoy using website’s functionalities and services. Cookies analyze users’ behavior on-site and adjust the website content according to users’ preferences and interests. For example, a particular cookie is used to store passwords users leave on a website when creating accounts, so users don’t have to type the passwords manually every time they want to log into their accounts.

More Information About Cookies

Users can modify the usage of Cookies in the browser settings. In most browsers, Users can find a "Help" section in the toolbar. By accessing the “Help” option, Users can change Cookies preferences.

- For the Chrome web browser, Users are advised to visit this the Clear cache and cookies page.
- For the Internet Explorer web browser, the Company suggests to Users to visit How to delete cookie files in Internet Explorer page.
- For the Mozilla Firefox web browser, Users should read the content on the Clear cookies and site data in Firefox page.
- For the Safari web browser, Users are advised to read the Manage cookies and website data in Safari on Mac page.
- For any other web browser, Users are advised to visit their web browsers’ official web pages.

If Users delete cookies or refuse to accept them, they might not be able to see all the Website functionalities and features.

For more information about cookies, the Company suggests visiting Allaboutcookies.org and Networkadvertising.org.

Types of Cookies

There are several types of cookies.

Based on the period cookies are stored in a web browser, there are Session and Persistent Cookies.

Session Cookies are stored in a temporary memory location and are deleted after the users’ sessions are completed, that is, when their web browsers are closed.

Persistent Cookies are the ones that do not get deleted after users complete the sessions by closing their browsers.

Based on the context of a particular visit and the creator of a cookie, cookies can be categorized as First-party Cookies and Third-party Cookies.

First-party Cookies are served by a website, the domain, users visit and navigate, and use. When users visit Growwwkit.com, the site creates a cookie file for every user, and the cookie is saved on the device a user utilizes to access the website.

Third-party Cookies are created by domains other than the one users are visiting directly. These cookies are used for retargeting and ad-serving purposes.

Apart from the previously mentioned categories, there are also Technical Cookies, Analysis Cookies, and Advertising Cookies.

Technical Cookies are essential for the correct functioning of a website and allow users to enjoy navigating a website by providing numerous functionalities and options.

Analysis Cookies are the ones that enable a website to monitor and analyze users’ behavior. These cookies allow website owners to measure users’ activities on the website, and play a key role in making improvements on a website.

Advertising Cookies are the ones that manage advertising space on a website, adapting the content of the advertisement according to the preferences of every user.

How the Website Uses Cookies

Cookies on the Website collect personal data from website Users in compliance with legal obligations and agreement with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The Website uses cookies for the following purposes:
- to enable particular functions of the Website,
- to improve features, functionalities, and content on the Website.

The Website uses all of the previously mentioned cookies from the list, except for Advertising Cookies.

As mentioned before, all of the cookies are used to access the information a User has inputted and to track the movements of the Users on the Website, so the Website can provide the best possible user experience next time Users visit the Website.

Cookies Policy Updates and Changes

The Company is required to modify the Cookies Policy in compliance with new legal requirements. All modifications will be changed in this document.
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