• Desk Dudes


    50 vector illustrations of your well known desk companions

  • The Townies


    30 vector illustrations of buddies that are always out & about.

  • Lil Helpers


    22 vector illustrations of two diligent, energetic workmates.

  • The Carltons


    20 vector illustrations of a cool and pretty adaptable couple.

  • Neighbour Larry


    14 vector illustrations of your friendly neighbour Larry.

  • Jane


    18 fun vector illustrations proving Jane can do anything she wants.

  • Springtale


    Light and bright illustration kit with over 100 assets for your project

  • Office Dave


    108 playful assets that channel corporate values and humanize the work environment

  • Workaholics


    20 hard-working vector illustrations that give meaning and fill the void.

  • Isotopia


    An epic collection of over 200 simple but crazy good isometric assets.

  • Polydrome


    A set of 20 editable illustrations that feature clean, geometric shapes.

  • Aventine


    A set of 24 illustrations, suitable for portraying various daily situations.

  • Phonies


    A set of 8 clean illustrations suitable for any commercial advertising purposes.

  • Fundango


    A set of 18 vibrantly colored illustrations that will make any content pop.

  • Laboratorium


    A set of 27 black and white illustrations suitable for any editorial purposes.

  • Dreamwork


    A set of 17 stylish illustrations suitable for kick-starting a business.

  • Lubo


    A set of 25 vector illustrations suitable for brands that value minimalism.

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